Learning About Computer Services

What Type Of Computer Repair Should You Use?

In today's technological world, we take computers and the Internet for granted. When there is a problem with something, we often go online to find a solution. However, when the problem is with your computer or Internet access, you do not have that option. To take care of this problem, you have three choices, taking the computer to a repair shop, having a technician come to the house, or using remote repair. Here is a bit of information to help you decide what type would be best for your situation.

Remote Repair

When your computer is acting up, and you still have Internet access, you may be able to use tech support online. You call the company that provides the support, sometimes this is the computer's manufacturer, and explain what is going on. They will walk you through some troubleshooting to try and determine what is wrong. They can even give you a few ways to try to boot a computer that is not currently booting. If the computer is booting, you will be asked to turn the system off, and possibly the Internet, and reboot everything. You may be told to start the computer in safe mode and then given a few things to do to fix the problem. If this does not work, you will be asked if they can connect to your system and try to fix it from their computer. If your computer is still under warranty, this may be done free of charge, or you may have to provide credit card information to pay for the repair.

At Home Repair

Sometimes it is a good idea to have the technician come to your home to fix things. Take this option if the computer is booting up but running slow or just not working as normal. Sometimes, the problem is not on your computer but in the Internet network you have set up. The technician will troubleshoot both the computer and the network and can work on it right there. He or she will also have the necessary equipment to reinstall everything on the computer or get rid of a virus.

To the Shop

When the computer is not booting or turning on, and you have already tried online tech support, it is time to take it to the shop. While you could have someone come to the house, there might be a hardware issue that requires parts not normally carried with the tech. In addition, this type of computer repair can take longer than a few simple tests, so it is better to just leave it at the shop until they can get it all sorted out.

As technology advances, the computer you have been using for 3 or 4 years may not have the specifications required to handle operating system updates, new software, or even browse the web efficiently. If the unit cannot be repaired for what you need it to do be prepared to get necessary upgrades, or even a new computer if repairing what you currently have will not keep up with your needs. Of course, that old system is still good for many things, such as creating documents or playing games on the DVD drive, just not able to do all you want it for.