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Mobiles For Memaw: Buying The Best Tablet For Your Grandparent

Your grandparent may not be up on technology, but that does not mean that technology will not benefit their life. A tablet can be the perfect tech choice in between a phone and a computer. A computer may be too much for your grandparent to deal with, and their phone should remain basic so that they are not confused if they need the help of emergency services. For fun and other services, a tablet is a mobile item that can be kept near them at all times for use. Here are some tips on buying the best tablet for your grandparent.

Larger screen and easy grip

When it comes to a tablet for grandparents, go with a larger screen. A tablet that is 10 inches is much better than smaller 7-inch tablets, which can present issues for those who may have issues with sight. It is also easier to maximize the size of wording and pictures on a large screen than to stretch out and distort the web pages on a small tablet. For the back of the tablet, get a material that is easier to grip. Some tablets will have a slick surface, while others will have a surface that is more silicone-like and easy to hold on to. Elect for the rubbery surface, rather than the slick surface which can easily fall through fingers.

Find one with remote tech support

Most computer companies will release tablets as they are now in demand on the market. When looking for a tablet, find one that has the possibility or remote tech support. Tech support for seniors that appears as an actual speaking person or a person that can control the computer remotely to fix problems makes the tablet much more functional. This way if something goes wrong, your grandparent can communicate by voice, rather than go through manuals and attempt a text chat when there already may be technical malfunctions.

Choose tablets with assistants

A top of the line tablet, that can use voice commands instead of requiring the touch of a button or requiring the use of the touch of an app, can make life easier. By using voice commands with the tablet assistant, your grandparent can check the weather, check emails, and even create lists for the grocery store or daily chores. Using voice commands for opening applications will also give your grandparent the chance to find information while in the vehicle or on public transit, including directions. A voice command assistant will make tablets less hassle and more comfortable.