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3 Tips for Protecting Your Computer from Viruses

Bad computing habits are often the root cause of viruses. Unfortunately for many users, the viruses are not detected until their data is compromised. Most viruses are avoidable by changing those bad habits. To help you keep your laptop virus-free, here are some tips you can use.  

Update Your Software and System

Security updates are routinely released for both your software and system. The updates not only provide new features and fixes for identified problems, but they also have security updates for new threats. Without those updates, you might not have what is needed to fight off those threats. 

You can choose to set your system and software to automatically update, or you can choose to manually update. If you opt for manual updates, set a reminder to check for new updates on a weekly basis.  

Opt for Real-Time Protection

All antivirus and anti-spyware software is not the same. Some programs are good for only detecting and removing threats once they have already infected your computer. If that is the case with your current virus protection, your computer could be infected for days or weeks before you realize it.  

To get better protection for your computer, opt for a program that offers real-time protection. Real-time protection means that the program is actively checking files, connections, and other avenues in which viruses get to your computer. As a result, you are less likely to end up with an infected computer. 

Resist Advertisements

Advertisements on websites are nothing new. However, those ads can sometimes be a way for viruses to be installed on your computer. To avoid this, simply resist the urge to click on advertisements that seem a bit too good to be true.  

For instance, an ad offering a free gift card just for clicking is most likely a way for hackers to install a virus on your computer. Ads from reputable sites are generally safe. If you are unsure whether or not an ad will redirect you to a safe site, skip the click. You can always manually navigate to a site if you want to determine if there is an offer available from a trusted site.  

If you suspect that your computer is already infected, consult with a laptop repair technician like those at Computer Exchange. He or she can assess your computer and remove the virus, if necessary. He or she can also ensure that you have the protection needed to avoid getting an infection while navigating the Internet.