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Three Benefits Of Using An Independent Firm For Functional Testing

If your company is developing software, it is critical to make sure that the software has been properly tested before it is deployed. When it comes to functional testing, your business may be better served by hiring an independent firm that specializes in software quality assurance to test your final product, and there are three specific benefits that these services can provide your firm.


One of the most important qualities of any functional testing program is to ensure comprehensiveness. This will require testing the software under a variety of conditions to ensure the program is functioning as intended. For those that are developing software that will be distributed to customers or clients, this testing will require access to the most popular versions of the supported operating systems, the most common pieces of hardware that will run the program, and an understanding of how customers are likely to use the software. This can be difficult for a small firm to do, but a company that specializes in functional testing will be able to supply these materials for testing your program.


In addition to having the right environments for running the program, specialized functional testing firms will often have special tools that can monitor the internal workings of your program as it computes example data. This will make sure that the program is not only generating the correct responses to the inputs but that it is also performing the correct actions in the correct sequence. Without being sure of these factors, it will be difficult to predict the actions of the program, which could lead to stability issues.

In order to aid these firms in testing your software, it will be necessary to provide them with the documentation for your program. This will include any development notes about the final product. This information is necessary so that the firm can develop a detailed understanding of the program's design and intended usage patterns.

Improve Usability

The user interface is a critical aspect for any program. After all, a poorly designed interface can make it extremely difficult for users to navigate to the functions and commands that they are needing. Unfortunately, individuals that have spent weeks or months working on the program may not be the best judges for optimizing the user interface. During functional testing, individuals that are new to the program will be able to assess the quality of the interface. This will include the ease of use as well as the logical ordering of the commands. To obtain a report about the user interface, you may have to pay the firm an additional fee, but this may be a worthwhile expense as it can lead to major improvements for your end users.

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