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Why Choose Secure Internet Hosted Desktop Solutions For Your Home Office

Is poor access to IT resources hampering your productivity while working from home? While working from home is becoming more popular, poor access to IT tools will limit productivity. Secure internet-hosted desktop solutions provide a virtual workspace that is accessible using any inter-connected device. With a hosted desktop, you can access your applications and files anytime and using Windows, Apple, or Android devices. What are the benefits of using a secure internet-hosted desktop in your home office?

Higher Flexibility 

You could work from home but lack the flexibility you desire because most of your daily tools are on your home computer. You could get more flexibility by decoupling your software apps and tools from hardware. 

A secure internet-hosted desktop provides access to all the resources you need using any device that can connect to the internet. You can work while traveling for business or leisure. You can get into any internet café or co-working space and work on your tasks.

Easier Installations and Configurations 

Some specialist apps are a headache to install and configure, especially when they need to work with other apps. The wrong configuration can give unexpected results or break your applications.  

With secure internet-hosted desktop solutions, you don't have to worry about installing and configuring your applications. Instead, you communicate with the hosted desktop provider, whichever apps you want, and they install them on your virtual desktop. They also take care of upgrades. You also don't have to worry about licensing because the provider holds the license.

Higher Cyber  Security 

Many people are apprehensive about remote working because of cybersecurity concerns outside a controlled office environment. It is a valid concern because a home setup does not enjoy network security resources, including cybersecurity skills.

A secure internet-hosted desktop presents a better security setup than a standalone home setup. First, your data and applications are not on your local machine. Instead, they are hosted on the remote server, which is protected by the latest cybersecurity tools. Second, the hosted desktop provider has the cybersecurity professionals needed to secure the network. 

Better Disaster Recovery 

Disasters can come in several forms when working remotely. Computer theft is the most common, but you can also be the victim of a cybersecurity attack like a ransomware attack. A home fire can also destroy all your hardware resources.

A secure internet-hosted desktop enables faster recovery from disasters. You only have to get a new internet-connected device to access your apps and files and get back up.

Would you like to improve your remote working setup? Talk to a hosted internet solution about your IT needs.