6 Features Your Managed Data Back Solutions Need

Working with a vendor to set up managed backup solutions is an important investment in protecting your data. You may wonder, though, what you should be looking for in a managed data backup system. Here are 6 things all setups should include. Small Blocks To keep from constantly overwhelming your resources with backup efforts, the solutions you employ should only perform backups as changes occur. In other words, you don't want the system droning on for hours making backups of files that haven't changed in years. [Read More]

Efficiently Utilizing Your Business's New Website

For a small business, its website can be an indispensable marketing tool as it can be the most cost-effective way of reaching out to potential customers and providing them with information or even allowing them to buy products. To get the most out of this important tool, a business leader will need to utilize some key strategies during the design and deployment process for the website. Provide An Easy Way Of Contacting Employees [Read More]

4 Ways You Can Take Advantage Of Cloud Services To Expand Your Home Business Beyond Your Front Door

If you want to improve your home business with the right technology, it is time to start looking to the clouds — cloud services, that is. Today, there are many options to improve your business with cloud services that give you access to tools that were once only available from brick-and-mortar and enterprise businesses. The following cloud solutions are some of the ways you can use cloud computing to expand your at-home business beyond your front door: [Read More]

Tips For Hiring A Cybersecurity Consulting Service For Your Company

In this day and age, almost all companies use the internet for day-to-day business. Whether your company has an e-commerce website or you store important data in the cloud, cybersecurity is more important than ever before. Unfortunately, cyber crimes have skyrocketed, and hackers have developed a number of sophisticated ways to access a company's online data if a company does not have top of the line cybersecurity measures in place. If you want to protect your company's data from hackers and cyber criminals, it is in your best interest to hire a cybersecurity consultant. [Read More]